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Histology Equipment

Histology Cold Plate

The Histology Cold Plate has a small footprint, yet high capacity working area. The fast freezing eco-compressor gets the instrument to working temperature quickly. The cold area is flat and easy to clean. 

Dimensions:    410 x 605 x 385mm

Temperature: -10̊C

High Capacity Histology Cold Plate

The High Capacity Cold Plate has a sunken cooling area that can be covered with the provided plexi glass lid, creating a cooling chamber for maximum effectiveness.


The cooling chamber allows up to 300 blocks to be stored after embedding so they are ready for sectioning. 

Capacity:           300 Blocks

Dimensions:    410 x 605 x 385mm

Temperature: -10̊C

Histolgy Oven

High Capacity Histology Oven

The High Capacity Histology Oven comes with two removable shelves that can be placed in six different positions for maximum flexibility.

The temperature can be set and stored on the LED display. The microprocessor ensures a consistent temperature is maintained.

External Dimensions: 480 x 380 x 315mm

Internal Dimensions:  300 x 300 x 215mm

Temperature Range:   20̊C - 100̊C

Water Baths

Low Profile Histology Section Mounting Bath

The circular Low Profile Section Mounting Bath has a low rim to ensure sections can be floated and lifted comfortably. The black anodised coating makes section visibility easier and the internal insulation ensures a constant temperature is kept.

Lid included. 

Temperature Range: +30̊C to +80̊C

Dimensions (∅ x H):    345 x 100mm

Section Mounting Bath with Integrated Slide Dryer

The Section Mounting Bath and Slide Dryer combines section mounting and slide drying in a single instrument with a small footprint giving better space utilisation.

The pyrex section bath is removable to facilitate easier filling and emptying. The Slide Dryer is flat allowing better and more consistent heat transfer compared to wires or racks. Both processes have their own temperature control to allow user optimisation. 

Overall Dimensions:   350 x 365 x 155mm

Slide Dryer Capacity: 24 Slides

Slide Drying Hot Plate, Slimline

The Slide Drying Hotplate has an easy to clean anodised flat heated working surface that enables a more consistent heat transfer compared to wires or racks. The digital temperature controller allows a consistent temperature to be set and maintained.


Dimensions:                   150 x 380 x 100mm

Temperature Range: +20̊C to +90̊C

Slide Drying Hot Plate
Wax Trimmer
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