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High Capacity Histology Oven


MEDITE TDO Sahara Convection Oven 

The high capacity TDO Sahara is a convection oven for fast, effective, efficient and gentle drying of histology slides.

The TDO Sahara has a small footprint yet large drying chamber to ensure optimal use of laboratory bench space. The two stainless steel shelves within provide capacity for up to 48 slide racks, and a debris tray on the bottom of the chamber ensures ease of cleaning. 

TDO Sahara warms up to operating temperature in just sixty seconds. The magnetic locking mechanism ensures a stable temperature and efficient energy usage.


Drying times are set using an intuitive user interface which allows chosen drying times or continuous operation.

The proven, robust build quality ensures reliability and longevity. 

Temperature Range:                      20°C to 80 °C

External Dimensions (w/d/h):  445 x 368 x 480mm

Internal Dimensions (w/d/h):    414 x 273 x 280mm

Tape/Film Coverslipper 

MEDITE Twister

In the age of digital pathology, high quality and consistent coverslipping is more important than ever. Twister combines high quality, speed and reliability, to ensure the best possible slide is presented for the digital pathology image scanner. 

Twister can coverslip up to 1200 slides per hour and allows fast loading and unloading stations. 

The touchscreen user interface allows cover slip size to be user determined.

Changing the tape/film roll is quickly and easily done to ensure minimum downtime.  

Speed per slide:                               3 seconds

Film Application Length:            45 - 60mm

Dimensions (w/d/h):                     730 x 310 x 545 mm

Heated Forceps

MEDITE eCep System

The eCep system means the user does not have to chose between wax congealing on the forceps tips if using fine surgical style forceps, or having to use cumbersome heated forceps. 

The delicate and user friendly forceps are heated at the tip only, ensuring the finger grips are cool and comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Temperature Range:                            Up to 68°C

Forceps Tip Sizes Available:            0.5, 1, 2 and 4mm

Control Box Dimensions (w/d/h): 123 x 162 x 57mm

Ultrasonic Decalcifying System


The USE 33 quickly and gently targets and breaks crystalline structures of calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate and calcium carbonate. 

Using USE33 decreases decalcification time by up to 75% for bone marrow biopsies, femoral heads, nasal and auditory cartilages, and up to 60% for material containing high levels corticalis. 

The gentle method of decalcification ensures their is no tissue shrinkage or swelling, and tissue morphology and antigenicity remain intact allowing for subsequent immunohistochemistry testing. 

The fully programmable control module ensures different programmes can be created and stored. 

Program Run Time (User Defined):   1 minute to 100 hours 

Bath Volume:                                                 13.5 litres

Dimensions (w/d/h):                                 450 x 600 x 350 mm

High Capacity Wax Dispenser


The L15 has a very high capacity which ensures even the biggest labs can always molten wax ready at all times.

The space saving design ensures the L15 has a very small footprint for such a high capacity device, ensuring the most economical use of the laboratory bench. 


The non drip dispense nozzle is positioned centrally, allowing enough space below for large containers to be filled.

The temperature can be user selected via the digital control panel to ensure optimal working. 

A transparent lid with ergonomic handle covers the wax tank, making it easy to view the fill level.


Both the lid and the powder-coated metal housing of the L15 are robust and resistant to common laboratory cleaning agents.

Temperature Range:       20°C to 80°C

Tank Capacity:                    15 litres

Dimensions (w/d/h):       390 x 590 x 550mm

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