Special Staining Kits - Carbohydrates

Alcian Blue pH 2.5

For demonstration of the acid mucopolysaccharides in tissue sections.

Congo Red

Method to show amyloid in tissue sections.

Sirius Red Picrate

For demonstration of collagen fibres and bilirubin in tissue sections.

Alcian Blue pH 2.5 PAS

Integrated method to show acid mucins, neutral mucins and carbohydrates in tissue sections.

Colloidial Iron

For demonstration of acid mucins which form a stable complex with trivalent iron thanks to the presence of their acid groups in anionic form.

Enzymatic Digestion, Amylase

Removal of glycogen from tissue sections

Enzymatic Digestion, Diastase

Removal of glycogen in order to observe epithelial neutral mucins. This method is recommended for liver biopsy.


To demonstrate normal and pathologic tissue components characterised by adjacent glycolic or aminohydroxylic groups. 

Sirius Red

Method to show amyloid in tissue sections.

Special Staining Kits

- Ready to use

- Reproducible results with full protocol for optimum performance  

- Defined number of tests per kit

- Long shelf life

- Minimal acceptance testing

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