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'One Step' Tissue Marking Dyes


The ready to use 'One Step' Tissue Marking Dyes allow the margins of histological specimens to be marked without the need for treatment before or after application of the dye, thus removing hazardous substances from the process. 

The 'One Step' Tissue Marking Dyes provide distinctive and permanent colours that do not 'bleed' into surrounding tissue or wash out during tissue processing.

The dyes are available in a 30ml dropper bottle for ease of application or a larger 240ml container.

Available in Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Purple.

Dissec Board

Dissec Boards


Dissec Boards are made from polypropylene to ensure minimal blunting of knives and scalpels. They are durable and easy to clean. Each board comes with 4 rubber feet to ensure the board is stable during use.

Available in White, Yellow, Green, Red and Blue in 12mm and 25mm thickness in the following sizes:

300 x 230mm

460 x 300mm

600 x 460mm

Formaln Neutraising Pads

Formalin Neutralising Pads

Formalin Neutraising Pads absorb formalin and quickly neutralise harmful vapours to enable a safer working environment. They can be used to clean small spillages and also on top of a dissection board minimising the blunting of knives and scalpel blades.

Size: 203 x 254mm

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