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Tissue Processing 



Wax Dispenser

High Capacity Wax Dispenser


The L15 has a very high capacity which ensures even the biggest labs can always molten wax ready at all times.

The space saving design ensures the L15 has a very small footprint for such a high capacity device, ensuring the most economical use of the laboratory bench. 


The non drip dispense nozzle is positioned centrally, allowing enough space below for large containers to be filled.

The temperature can be user selected via the digital control panel to ensure optimal working. 

A transparent lid with ergonomic handle covers the wax tank, making it easy to view the fill level.


Both the lid and the powder-coated metal housing of the L15 are robust and resistant to common laboratory cleaning agents.

Still Made In Germany - The only way to get Made In Germany Quality is to buy product Made In Germany. 

Temperature Range:       20°C to 80°C

Tank Capacity:                    15 litres

Dimensions (w/d/h):       390 x 590 x 550mm

Tissue Processing Accessories

Processing Baskets for Sakura TISSUE-TEK VIP®

Large Basket

       - Divided in to 3 x 5 compartments

       - Holds up to 150 cassettes

       - Supplied with lid

       - Dimensions (W/D/H) - 153 x 220 x 45mm

Small Basket

       - Divided in to 3 x 5 compartments

       - Holds up to 75 cassettes

       - Supplied with lid

       - Dimensions (W/D/H) - 1116 x 153 x 45mm

Wax Dispenser

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