Quality Assurance

Ensuring reagent quality is essential to protect the unique specimen and achieve an accurate diagnosis.

ISO15189:2012 subsection states that “new lots/batches of reagents shall be verified as performing satisfactorily before being used in conjunction with patient samples”.

Carrying out acceptance testing of formalin, xylene and alcohol to ensure the reagents are fit for purpose has been a difficult and time consuming process, until now! AnatoPath are proud to introduce you to our range of QA products. These products are designed specifically to identify breaches in quality that put patient samples at risk.

QA Kits

The AnatoPath QA Kits provide reliable quality assurance quickly and easily. Unlike other methods, the QA Kits test the critical aspects that affect specimen integrity. QA Kits are available to test NBF (Neutral Buffered Formaldehyde) and Xylene.

QA Hydrometer

The AnatoPath QA Hydrometer is pre-validated against known concentrations of alcohol to ensure accurate test results in the laboratory. A certificate of validation is provided with every hydrometer.