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Embedding Equipment

Modular Embedding Centre 



The TES99 is made up of modules for heating, dispensing and cooling which can be placed in whichever configuration the user chooses. Larger labs can facilitate a large throughput by having multiple heating and cooling units. Each unit has its own individual temperature control. The ergonomic, insulated and uncluttered design allows for user comfort during long periods of use. 


Heating Module

The heating unit comprises of a heated bath at the base of the unit which will accommodate almost any type of sample basket. The top part of the unit has a cover that can be opened and closed to ensure temperature stability. Embedding moulds and cassettes can be kept heated in this area. A removable cassette tray made of stainless steel can be placed within for better organisation of cassettes.

Dispenser Module

The dispenser unit has a large 5.7 litre capacity wax tank which can be activated by either by hand, using the the dispense control, or via a foot switch. The uncluttered working area is illuminated by an adjustable lamp and has a well proportioned cold spot. Two connections for heated forceps add to the user friendly design.  

Cooling Modules

Modules are available in Medium and Large Sizes and allow up to 80 and 110 blocks respectively to be cooled at any one time. Both sizes benefit from the same insulated ergonomic design as the Dispenser and Heating modules for ease of use and easy cleaning.

Still Made In Germany - The only way to get Made In Germany Quality is to buy product Made In Germany. 

Embedding Centre  

BEC 150

The BEC 150 Embedding Station is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of working. The modular Cold Plate can be paced to the left or right of the system, and the fully programable, easy to use touchscreen control panel ensures the user can personalise all parameters for optimum working.

The adjustable LED lights provide a bright working area and the oversized cold spot enables all cassette sizes to be handled with ease. Coloured status lights enable users to see when the system is ready for work and cardboard drawer liners ensure cleaning is simple and easy.

Wax dispense rate can be quickly and easily adjusted, and wax can be dispensed using touchless proximity sensor for added user comfort.

Heated Forceps

Heated Forceps

MEDITE eCep System

The eCep system means the user does no longer has to chose between wax congealing on the forceps tips if using fine surgical style forceps, or having to use cumbersome heated forceps. 

The delicate and user friendly forceps are heated at the tip only, ensuring the finger grips are cool and comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Available with 0.5, 1, 2 and 4mm tip sizes.

Still Made In Germany - The only way to get Made In Germany Quality is to buy product Made In Germany. 

Temperature Range:                            Up to 68°C

Forceps Tip Sizes Available:            0.5, 1, 2 and 4mm

Control Box Dimensions (w/d/h): 123 x 162 x 57mm

Wax Dispenser

High Capacity Wax Dispenser


The L15 has a very high capacity which ensures even the biggest labs can always molten wax ready at all times.

The space saving design ensures the L15 has a very small footprint for such a high capacity device, ensuring the most economical use of the laboratory bench. 


The non drip dispense nozzle is positioned centrally, allowing enough space below for large containers to be filled.

The temperature can be user selected via the digital control panel to ensure optimal working. 

A transparent lid with ergonomic handle covers the wax tank, making it easy to view the fill level.


Both the lid and the powder-coated metal housing of the L15 are robust and resistant to common laboratory cleaning agents.

Still Made In Germany - The only way to get Made In Germany Quality is to buy product Made In Germany. 

Temperature Range:       20°C to 80°C

Tank Capacity:                    15 litres

Dimensions (w/d/h):       390 x 590 x 550mm

Base Moulds

Embedding Consumables and Accessories

Tissue Tampers 

Tissue Tampers enable optimal positioning of tissue during embedding. The aluminium base retains heat and ensures the specimen can be positioned at the very bottom of the mould which ensures less wax needs to be trimmed at microtomy. The heat resistant handle ensures comfortable working. 


Available in sizes: 

Small - 7 x 7mm

Medium - 13 x 13mm

Large - 19 x 19mm

Disposable Embedding Base Moulds

Disposable embedding moulds are an excellent alternative to stainless steel moulds as the removal of the cast block is fast and easy. The clear plastic allows better visibility during specimen orientation. 

Sizes available:

7 x 7 x 5mm

15 x 15 x 5mm

24 x 24 x 5mm

30 x 24 x 5mm

37 x 24 x 5mm

Stainless Steel Base Moulds

The AnatoPath stainless steel base moulds come in a variety of sizes to assist with easy, economical embedding and microtomy.

Sizes available for use with standard size cassettes:

7 x 7 x 5mm

10 x 10 x 5mm

15 x 15 x 5mm

24 x 24 x 5mm

30 x 24 x 5mm

37 x 24 x 6mm

Specialist Application - Stainless Steel Base Moulds

When used in conjunction with 'Mega Double Depth Cassettes' and 'Supa Mega Cassettes' the stainless steel base moulds allow larger pieces of tissue to be embedded and sectioned.

'Mega' Double Depth Base Mould:

33 x 24 x 12mm

'Supa Mega' Base Mould:

65 x 45 x 12mm

Cold Plates 

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