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Film/Tape Coverslipper

Tape/Film Coverslipper 

MEDITE Twister

In the age of digital pathology, high quality and consistent coverslipping is more important than ever. The digital scanning process is interrupted too often by badly mounted glass coverslips, causing wasted time and delayed delivery of the images to the pathologist. 

The Twister tape/film coverslipper removes the breakages associated with glass coverslipping, and provides high quality film/tape covering with speed and reliability whilst ensuring the best possible slide is presented to the digital pathology image scanner. 

Twister can coverslip up to 1200 slides per hour and has fast loading and unloading stations. 

The touchscreen user interface allows cover size to be user determined.

Changing the tape/film roll is quickly and easily done to ensure minimum downtime.  

Still Made In Germany - The only way to get Made In Germany Quality is to buy product Made In Germany. 

Speed per slide:                               3 seconds

Film Application Length:            45 - 60mm

Dimensions (w/d/h):                     730 x 310 x 545 mm




Mounting Media 

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