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Cut Up/Grossing

'One Step' Tissue Marking Dyes


The ready to use 'One Step' Tissue Marking Dyes allow the margins of histological specimens to be marked without the need for treatment before or after application of the dye, thus removing hazardous substances from the process. 

The 'One Step' Tissue Marking Dyes provide distinctive and permanent colours that do not 'bleed' into surrounding tissue or wash out during tissue processing.

The dyes are available in a 30ml dropper bottle for ease of application or a larger 240ml container.

Available in Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Purple.

Formalin Neutralising Pads

Formalin Neutraising Pads absorb formalin and quickly neutralise harmful vapours to enable a safer working environment. They can be used to clean small spillages and also on top of a dissection board minimising the blunting of knives and scalpel blades. 

Size: 203 x 254mm.

Formaln Neutraising Pads

Dissec Cutting Boards


Dissec Boards are made from polypropylene to ensure minimal blunting of knives and scalpels. They are durable and easy to clean. Each board comes with 4 rubber feet to ensure the board is stable during use.

Available in White, Yellow, Green, Red and Blue in 12mm and 25mm thickness in the following sizes:

300 x 230mm

460 x 300mm

600 x 460mm

Biopsy Handling

Biopsy Bags

Biopsy Bags are ideal for capturing and processing small specimens. They are resistant to solvents and can be used as a filter to separate tissue from the fixative to ensure all tissue is collected without the risk of loss.

Available in the following sizes:

30 x 45mm

45 x 60mm

Biopsy Pads

The Biopsy Pads are shaped to ensure a good fit inside a standard size processing cassette. They hold the sample in place whilst minimising tissue artefact and allowing thorough fluid transfer during tissue processing.

Available in Blue and Black 


Pre - Loaded (Taped/Stacked) Cassettes

Suitable for use with the following printers:

- Primera Signature Printer

- Leica IPC

- Sakura AutoWrite  


Supplied in box of 1600 (40 stacks of 40 cassettes each). Available  in:White, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Green.

Processing Cassettes, Base Only

Available in White, Yellow and Green. 

Suitable for use with Stainless Steel Cassette Lids - See below

Stainless Steel Cassette Lids​

Stainless steel cassette lids are a more economical and environmentally friendly choice compared to single use plastic lids.​


Suitable for use with most 'base only' style cassettes. 

For Base Moulds Click Here...

Specialty Cassettes

Double Depth 'Mega' Cassettes and Base Moulds

Mega cassettes can be used in a standard microtome clamp. They are double the depth of a standard cassette, allowing thicker and whole tissues to be processed without the need for grossing. 

Double depth base moulds with 33 x 24 x 12mm dimensions are available to facilitate the embedding of thicker/whole tissue samples - click here.......

'Supa Mega' Large Format Cassettes and Base Moulds

The AnatoPath 'Supa Mega' cassettes are specifically designed to ensure thorough fluid transfer during tissues processing and optimal tissue adhesion to cassette to avoid separation during microtomy.

Compatible 65 x 45 x 12mm base moulds are also available click here.......


Ultrasonic Decalcifying System


The USE 33 quickly and gently targets and breaks crystalline structures of calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate and calcium carbonate. 

Using USE33 decreases decalcification time by up to 75% for bone marrow biopsies, femoral heads, nasal and auditory cartilages, and up to 60% for material containing high levels corticalis. 

The gentle method of decalcification ensures their is no tissue shrinkage or swelling, and tissue morphology and antigenicity remain intact allowing for subsequent immunohistochemistry testing. 

The fully programmable control module ensures different programmes can be created and stored. 

Still Made In Germany - The only way to get Made In Germany Quality is to buy product Made In Germany. 

Program Run Time (User Defined):   1 minute to 100 hours 

Bath Volume:                                                 13.5 litres

Dimensions (w/d/h):                                 450 x 600 x 350 mm

Decalcifying Solutions for Use With USE33

USEDECALC Special Buffered EDTA Solution

- Using with USE33 Ultrasonic Decalcifier decreases decalcifying

   time by up to 75% compared to conventional EDTA decalcification

- Specifically developed for immunohistochemical applications

Does not damage morphology or antigenicity


- pH neutral and buffered  

Decalcifying Solutions for Use With USE33

USERAPID Decalcifying Solution 

- Formulated for fast decalcification

- pH neutral and buffered 

- Preserves morphological structures 

- Decalcifies between 1-3 hours (depending on specimen size)

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