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Formaldehyde Monitoring


The Formaldemeter precisely measures formaldehyde concentrations in parts per million (ppm) and mg/m3 over a wide range of temperature and humidity. In all modes an audible alarm can be set to sound when predetermined exposure level is are exceeded to ensure a safe working environment.

It can be used as either a hand held device, for instances such as spills, or as a continuous monitor whilst connected to a PC. When used as a continuous monitor, the USB connection allows the downloading of up to 2000 samples. Temperature and humidity are also recorded ensuring a full environmental log is created. These logs can be subsequently saved in a variety of file formats including MS Excel.

The software features the ability to adjust the sampling schedule for both time and frequency of samples. Calibration can be carried out by software with a pdf certificate created with each calibration.

Formalin Neutralising and Spill Contol

Formalin Spill Control

Formaspill rapidly absorbs and neutralizes 10% formalin (4% formaldehyde), allowing spills to be safely contained, with the elimination of fumes and vapours.

Formalize - Formalin Neutralising

Formalize neutralizes 4% formaldehyde (10% formalin) solutions overnight, by converting them into non-hazardous products. Supplied in buckets, sachets or ready-to-fill 10 litre containers, Formalize improves safety and helps with waste disposal management.

Hazardous Safety Cabintes

Hazardous Safety Cabinets 

High quality, strong and durable locking cabinets that comply with EN 13501-1 Fire Classification and Control of Hazardous Substances In the Workplace.

Available sizes:

H x W X D.

- 70 x 35 x 30cm

- 90 x 46 x 46cm

- 57 x 85 x 25cm

- 70 x 90 x 46cm

- 120 x 90 x 46cm

- 84 x 90 x 46cm - with wheels 

- 104 x 90 x 46cm - with wheels 

Hand and Surface Sanitiser

Hand and Surface Sanitiser

Aloe Vera
Man Typing on a Laptop

- Aloe Path Premier Gel Hand Sanitiser

This premium product is made in line with the World Health Organisation's formulation using Isopropyl Alcohol to ensure maximum user safely.  

The high Aloe Vera content ensures the gel can be used many times a day without the risk of dry and damaged skin.

- APL Hand Sanitiser Spray 

Manufactured in line with World Health Organisation recommendations. Isopropyl Alcohol based for maximum user safety. High alcohol content. Comes is user friendly spray bottle.

- Surface Sanitiser Spray

Manufactured in line with World Health Organisation recommendations to ensure it effectively kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces. The spray applicator allows thorough coverage of surfaces and is suitable for the home, office and vehicles. 

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