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Staining Accessories

Manual Staining Sets

The Manual Staining Sets consist of a stainless steel holder and individual, removable and interchangeable PET staining dishes with lid.

Available with 3 or 12 places. Each set comes with staining rack for 25 slide.  

Additional/replacements staining dishes and staining racks available. 

* Ideal for use in conjunction with Special Staining Kits - for full list of Special Staining Kits Click Here...

Individual Slide Staining Set

The Individual Slide Staining Set has two working modules with separate lids, each for 10 slides. They allow slides to be laid flat whilst reagents are applied. Each tray can be inclined to 45° to allow draining and washing. There is a waste collection tray for each module. This system is ideal for staining techniques that require minimal reagents and for manual IHC.

Liquid Blocker 'PAP' Pen

Liquid Blocker 'PAP' pens make a hydro-repellent wax film to delineiate a staining area. The wax is resistant to temperatures up to 120°C and is suitable for use with microwave techniques and in-situ hybridisation. 

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